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Michael Dunn

Helping Families One Credit Report At a Time

Michael is a United States Air Force Veteran, Nationally recognized Business Coach. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Michael is the Co-Founder and operator of multiple successful companies. He is best known as the CEO/Executive Director of DECADE Financial Solutions; A nationally recognized financial education firm specializing in credit restoration, money management, and business alternative financing.

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Michael Dunn is the modern day generation leader, motivational speaker, success coach and author. Through his multiple business conglomerate & influential presence on social media, he educates his audience with the ability to push through their pain as they begin to thrive in their purpose!

Results Driven

Clients expect results when they work with a company and that is exactly what DECADE does! We bring the right people together to to help you build your credit and get the results you deserve!

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With the right solutions & strategies in place, You’ll make fewer mistakes in your consumer financial life and build a future you can be proud of!

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Once you become an approved DECADE Solutions Affiliate Partner, you’ll have access to our entire credit transformation process — and that will make your job much easier. We provide expert credit support that makes locking loans and closing homes easy and seamless. Additionally, we offer powerful automation communication and submission forms that make daily functions truly simple.

About Us

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Decade Financial Solutions has one of the largest Financial Professional Networks in the country. With over 500 financial professionals across the United States, our Solutions Network has the ability to resolve all of a customers financial challenges. Join our network of executives from top Real Estate, Investments, and Financial Technology companies. The goal of our organization is to connect & empower financial professionals across the world!


Years of Experience



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Ensuring Your Financial Stability

Got your credit score damaged? No worries! We know how to ensure optimum credit restoration. A thorough credit report assessment from our professionals roots out all the negative items that may be left unattended. From disputing credit report errors to negotiating with creditors, we have got you covered.

Our Vision

We aspire to optimize your finances through top-notch credit restoration services and market standard financial assistance.

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To offer our financial expertise in assisting towards addressing your credit problems. Credit score optimization at the right time for the right price is our core value.


Listen to what our happy clients have to say about their collaborations with our professionals. 

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25 Years Of Experience
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It all started 25 years ago with an aspiration to provide clients with the most optimal credit restoration services. Through sheer professionalism and business-oriented financial solution, we have built a dedicated customer base comprising notable business across US.

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