Ongoing Battle Until YOU WIN!

We don’t quit, until you’re satisfied! Fighting is in our roots! Although you may notice the results slowing down here, that does not mean that is it and you must wave the white flag. Absolutely not! Each month, with each round, we get more and more aggressive until we are..Read More

Start Adding New Credit

Now is an excellent time to start rebuilding and re-establishing your credit history with the credit bureaus. Luckily For you Decade Financial Solutions has it’s very own CREDIT BUILDER CREDIT CARD. Not to mention other products that can help build new credit. If you need advice as to which starter..Read More

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

After we have reviewed your file as a whole, we will then follow up with all necessary credit reporting agencies, original creditors, and send debt validation letters to any remaining debt collectors. We repeat this process, month after month, until we get the desired results from the parties involved. The..Read More

New Reports And Scores

This is the time for us to re-evaluate and strategize!! New reports and scores! At this point of the journey you should be receiving correspondence in the mail from the credit bureaus regarding your first round of investigations. Please, as a courtesy, upload ANY & ALL CORRESPONDENCE through your secure..Read More

The Infamous Waiting Game

When a dispute is filed against a credit bureau, or creditor, According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you must allow that creditor a legal 30 calendar days to respond to the dispute. Now I know what you’re thinking? Believe us when we tell you that we understand! Remember, PATIENCE..Read More

Let The Disputing Process Begin!

At Decade Financial Solutions, nothing makes us happier than to get our clients to this point! This is where the magic can finally begin! By this time, we have completed your 750 Action Plan Analysis? and we are now preparing your file to begin the disputing process and mailing out..Read More

Step -3 Setup Your Smart-Credit Monitoring

In order to provide solutions to all your credit challenges, we need the ability to TRACK & MONITOR those challenges on a regular basis. This is why MCH has partnered with IdentityIQ to provide you with high quality consumer data reports. Not only do we ?<b>RENOVATE REBUILD & RECLAIM your..Read More

Step -2 Proof Of Identity

In this part of the process, you’ll upload photo copies of your proof of identification (one-by-one) in your secured client enrollment form. These documents may include but are not limited to. (i.e. Driver’s License, Passport, SSC, Tax Return, W2 and proof of address) CONGRATULATIONS? YOUR JOB IS DONE

Step 1 Sign Your Agreement

Contracts! Every company has them! All parties involved need them. But don?t worry! We DO NOT commit clients to a long-term agreement. Clients are enrolled on a month-to-month basis and reserve the right to cancel their membership at any time! Nevertheless, clients must sign with their digital signature in order..Read More

The Credit Renovation Process

After completing your consultation with a specialist, you’ll submit payment credentials for billing. You’ll then be guided via the welcome email and welcome text message on the necessary steps needed to move forward with the process.